Friday, 23 May 2014

Sankar Hotel : Where to eat in Agartala

We wanted to taste the local cuisine. Sojol took us to Hotel Sankar a very popular but small restaurant. This eatery is recommended by Lonely Planet too.
I don't know how right this information is but sharing it anyway. The main hotel is the extreme left one as one sees three eateries standing together in a row  with the same name. It is located in Netaji Shubhash Road. The street is crowded and narrow. The building itself is called Sankar building.

The hotel has very few tables and the minimal staff. They serve hot steamed rice, fish/chicken curry, bhajis ( fried vegetables), daal (lentil), salad and papad. Specialty for vegetarians is their heavily spiced Paneer curry.

We ordered both non veg and vegetarian meal which had a cauliflower and potato curry, 'Gourd peel dried fried with potatoes, chicken curry, fish cooked in mustard gravy, salad , padad and paneer masala. The meal was prepared in pure Bengali style. Food is priced like anyother average Indian hotel. Service is very fast. A must try for fish enthusiasts.