Friday, 16 May 2014

Dain Thlen Falls - Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

 Meghalaya  (Sanskrit- Abode Of Clouds) is a  beautiful hilly state in north east India. Cherrapunjee  (Sohra : historic name) a place in Meghalaya is well known as the wettest place in world. Dian Thlen Falls is one of the most mystically beautiful falls of the state. A very interesting legend is related to this falls which I will tell you later in the post.

Just few kms before reaching Sohra a right side road diversion  leads travelers to this pretty falls.

The distance is about five to six kms and the road is in very good condition.

The route is extremely picturesque. The area is thinly populated.You will notice very few houses on way.

Religious structures .

Pristine landscapes

And we see the bridge over the river which is related to the legend. Legend : The waterfall derives its name from a snake (Thlen) of a gigantic size which dwelt in a cave.The villagers used to frequent the heavenly market of Langhiang Kongkhon and had to pass the bridge of the gods and the caves of the Thlen.

Anyone travelling in even numbers was safe but in odd numbers one would be devoured by the Thlen. A great Durbar was called for in order to devise a plan to get rid of the snake permanently. It was believed that this snake was butchered here by U. Syrmoh a Knight of yore who fed him with red hot iron rod which killed the Thlen instantly.

A grand feast was held and the whole town partook the meal. However, one lady took a piece of the meat home for her grandchild but kept on forgetting until one day the Thlen was revived again.

Remnants of the tools used for the feast that have turned to stone can be seen even today.

The place is all covered with stones . This waterfall is considered to be a soft waterfall as it doesn't make a roaring sound while falling.